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Beau Taillefer






Beau is a talented local teacher with over 20 years experience as a guitarist. He studied classical and contemporary guitar styles with Jeff Williams and Dave Martone and is currently finishing his Associate Diploma with the Royal Conservatory of Canada.


In addition to his classical guitar stylings, he also held positions as the principal Tuba player in a local Surrey concert band and as a saxophone player in several local jazz bands.


Beau is passionate in teaching a range of styles and instruments to help his students with their musical exploration. 


Beau can been seen playing in various night clubs and jazz lounges throughout the lower mainland on Friday and Saturday evenings when he is not busy teaching. 


Beau passionately supports students to learn to read and write music. He places special emphasis on developing the ability to play music by ear and creating musical compositions from the beginning of musical education. Beau's teaching methods and philosophy stem from the teachings of Edwin Gordon of the Gordon Institute for Music Learning. 

Professional Sound Mixer


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"Audiation in the wild" podcast


Check out my podcast Audiation in the Wild.  Dr. Rassmussen, Chair of Early Childhood Music at the Peabody Conservatory at John Hopkins University and I team up for in-depth, investigative conversations about how music is learned. We focus on Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory and how it connects to the wider world of music education. 

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